~ A Proposed New Community for Vacaville

There are very few sites in the city of Vacaville that offer the same potential that Greentree does to meet the needs of both current and future residents as they plan for a place to call home. 


Located within the city limits of Vacaville, on an infill site of approximately 164 acres, Greentree provides a unique opportunity to provide for various types of needed new housing while also integrating with existing neighborhoods and expanding upon their desirability.

The vision includes housing for multiple generations - from entry-level, small lot and multi-unit housing, to medium density single-family homes, complete to age-restricted single story homes to complement the existing neighborhood at the south end of the site.

Integral to new housing would be the incorporation of public amenities that would enhance the residential areas and provide a multitude of benefits.  These attributes could include an extensive multi-modal trail system allowing for connectivity among neighborhoods (both new and existing), a large community park, native landscaped areas and natural elements, a community center, and a neighborhood park with special features appealing to senior residents and fostering a place to gather and socialize.

With the goal of providing amenities to serve not only the immediate neighborhoods, but also city-wide needs, the site could also include a high-quality commercial center designed to feel like a "downtown" with landscaped walks, benches and a focus on pedestrian activity.  It's envisioned that this center would include a specialty grocery store, pharmacy, and day-to-day retail services, as well as restaurants, a coffee shop and other socially and culturally engaging types of businesses.


We look forward to working with the city and its citizens to help bring this project to reality.  As with most development projects, there will be adjustments throughout the process, taking the plan from its initial conception to a final one that is informed by many studies and input.  Our hope is to incorporate all of the above elements to create a new, beautiful and special community for Vacaville unlike anywhere else in the city.

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